Who is dyeing your yarn? 

Amanda Dobson, written by Venessa Sylvester

Amanda Dobson has been knitting for ___ years, and worked in local yarn shops. She had ideas that she wanted to see on yarn that no one was trying, so dyeing her own yarn was the next logical step. She has a creative mind and is able to visualize what the yarn will be once it has gone through all the steps of coloration.

Amanda had an idea that dyeing would be fun and interesting and somehow convinced me that I would enjoy it too. She is fearless when it comes to trying new things, and she is opinionated (in a good way!) about how yarn should feel, look and behave. I call her my knitting guru, but she’s much more than that. She is a great partner, a good listener, and she motivates me to try new things. She is the driving force behind Vocabulary Yarn, and she is awesome.

Venessa Sylvester, written by Amanda Dobson

Venessa Sylvester has been knitting for __ years. I think she dabbles in crochet too. Impressively she is a for real artist (her pen and inks are a-ma-zing!). She brings that expansive knowledge of color and her creativity to the table every time we dye.

Being a huge fan of words, she is responsible for most of our color names. She keeps a well curated list, and is always ready with an interesting word that perfectly goes with the color.