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We are a small batch hand dyeing operation. When naming our yarns we look for lovely word associations, just to add a little bit of flavor to the mix. It's our own special type of synesthesia, an overlapping of the senses. We hope you enjoy it and maybe learn a few more colorful words to add to your vocabulary while adding unique hand dyed yarn to your repertoire.

A (Knitting) Fantasy?

[by Venessa]

Lately I've been reorganizing, moving furniture around, clearing out corners, re-purposing various items...with the hope of making a lovely knitting space for myself. I have a craft room/office that contains my stash, swift and ball winder, books, desk, Vocabulary Yarn inventory, bags, boxes... and also winter clothes, lesser worn shoes, photos, and general "family stuff" storage. And honestly, I don't sit back there and knit. Ever.

 This is not me. It's a photo found all over the net after it hit several  Pinterest boards . A rather nice idea (fantasy)...

This is not me. It's a photo found all over the net after it hit several Pinterest boards. A rather nice idea (fantasy)...

I do most knitting while sitting on the couch during family TV time, but frequently find myself and running back and forth for notions.

I've been thinking I should make the corner of my living room into my official knitting space, but there just isn't enough space. The stash won't fit, and there's no way to keep the countless knitting accessories neatly contained in that public area.

When I taught art, I had a caddy I could move from classroom to classroom that contained most of the materials neatly and was a good solution for running several art classes without an art room. I've been thinking this may be the way to go, but don't want to be pushing a giant caddy around my house either. But I also feel like my "craft room" is a waste if I don't craft in there at all.

Can I bring all the knitting stuff into the public living area and make it look good?

The internet is great for ideas of course, and I found a Pinterest board of Knitting Room Ideas, but so far, they have just made me a little bit jealous. I want it all to look perfect and be functional, but I don't see it happening this year. I'd like to know if you have a specific place, or if your knitting is sprinkled throughout your home and living areas like mine. And if you have any ideas to share on how you make it work in your life.

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